BMCU Newsletter - APRIL 2004
Volume 16 Number 7

April 10 Tinker Day & Coffee
Klatch With The Bishops
Come on out to Mary, Larry and Suzanne Bishop's house to tinker with your British car. Those of you who want to get a little hopped up on caffeine before the main event can meet us at JitterBugs Coffee Shop and Deli located at 1855 South 700 East at 10 am. We'll be heading over to our shop at 11 am. We live at 839 South 700 East in Salt Lake. That's on the east side of the street in a red brick house with a rounded blue door. Pull on up the driveway; there is parking for ten to fifteen cars.

We have many tools available, but if you need something unique or specific, you'll want to bring it, and of course if you need any parts, bring those as well. And since we specialize in car restorations, we'll have lots of advice and tools available for getting your British Motor all gussied up for upcoming shows and runs. We'll also be doing a demo on how to make your old problem paint look a lot nicer using inexpensive tools and methods.

Come on down and get a few things checked off your to-do list, or at least come for the snacks. See you there! Questions or directions, call Larry at 558-5688.

BMCU Board Meeting
An impromptu Board Meeting was held March 5, 2004 to discuss the BMCU financial condition. Last year, for the first time in the history of the Club we had an operating loss. This was due to a drop in contributions, and an increase in expenses, especially in the preparation and mailing of the newsletter (OK, we splurged on color in December).

Several options were discussed and will continue to be discussed in the future, with a decision made prior to year end. In attendance were: Marty VanNood, Mitch and Diana Johnson, Pugs and Diane Pivirotto, Mark and Joyce Noelter, Bill and Jill Robinson, John and Susan Hawkins, Brahim and Shannon Salami, Bruce Schilling, Floyd Inman, Brenda Perry, Wendy Scott, and Gary Lindstrom. Consensus was – Don’t be bashful, send a check !

Jaguar Western States Meet in Park City
The Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register is the host club for this year's Jaguar Clubs of North America Western States Meet. Monday September 13th is check-in day at the Yarrow Hotel in Park City. There will be a welcome party on Monday, but the real activities begin on Tuesday the 14th with a sanctioned JCNA rally or scenic tour. Later there will be a bus tour of Olympic sites and dinner.

The JCNA slalom goes off at Deer Valley on Wednesday, followed by a Western theme dinner with entertainment. Thursday, it's shine and show at the Homestead Resort in Midway, where Jaguars will be displayed on the hotel's beautiful lawns. Lunch and other activities will be available during the day and awards will be presented in the afternoon.

The awards banquet is at the Yarrow Hotel that evening. On Friday morning, there will be a farewell breakfast.

WMJR invites all BMCU members to register for the Meet, or simply come watch the slalom and car show events. Volunteers to help put on the Meet are always appreciated. For more information, entry forms, etc. see or contact John or Liz Green, PO Box 648, Farmington, UT 84025, 801-451-5776 or 801-628-9361 (cell).

Poker Run to Be Held April 25
It was 1958. I was driving a 1956 Chevy with a 1957 270 HP, 283 CI engine running dual quad carburetors. I was a member of the Sericin Car Club out of Banning High School in Wilmington, CA. This was the era of my last Poker Run.

Well, let’s do it again! ! ! Let’s see how many we can get to meet near the South end of the Liberty Park Lake, 10:00 AM Sunday, April 25. We will follow the lead of Stewart Nichols, 595-1727, concluding at a yet to be specified restaurant/pub (where we are assured children will be welcome).

Bumper Stickers Of The Month

If you can read this, thank a teacher!

If you are reading this in English, thank a veteran!

Forget world peace — visualize turn signals!

The Lucas Calendar
This calendar works about as well as its namesake, so use it with care. All events are subject to change. Check our web site for the latest information.

April 10: Tinker Day. Larry Bishop, 558-5688.
April 25 (Sunday): Poker Run. Stewart Nichols, 595-1727.
May 8: Antelope Island Run. Nathan Massie and Mitch Johnson.
May 29-31: Memorial Day Run. To Vernal area. Pugs and Diane Pivirotto 801-486-0547
June 5: British Field Day. Don’t miss this or you’ll be sorry. It will be at Pioneer Park again this year.
June 12: Utah Scottish Festival. While we didn’t make this an “official” event, we do have a relationship with the organizers of the Festival and they would certainly welcome our involvement.
June 19: Run to Fairview. Gary Lindstrom.
July 12-16: GoF West 2004, Harrison Hot Springs, British Columbia, Canada. Contact Floyd Inman (435) 645-8460 or for further information.
July 24: Pioneer Day Parade. Bill Davis.
August 7: Heber Valley Parade in Heber. Doug and Ilene Wimer.
August 21: Alpine Loop Run. The event that started the BMCU, and a club favorite. Larry and Mary Bishop. We need another person to help organize this event.
September 6: Miner’s Day Parade in Park City. Floyd Inman, (435) 645-8460.
September 19: State Street Cruise Night. Mark Noeltner and Joe Chou.

BMCU In The Long Line o’Green
Once again, the BMCU had a great turn out for the Saint Patrick's Day Parade on March 13. Twenty-three cars (British Racing Green and otherwise) proudly provided an excuse for the dignitaries on the reviewing stand to express their views on the British Empire and its industrial prowess.

A wide range of marques were represented, including MG, Triumph, Mini, Jaguar, Austin-Healey, Delorean, and Morgan. After the parade many participants enjoyed lunch at Granato's Italian Deli. The weather was terrific, and a great time was had by all, including: Gary, Sandy and Margaux Lindstrom; Dana Johnson; Mark and Joyce Noeltner, Susan and Jon Hermance; Floyd Inman; Doug and Ilene Wimer; David and Carol Marks; Blaine Campbell; Bill Rhinehart; Wade Ashby; Todd and Connie Pixton; Nicholas S. Nichols II; Larry and Mary Bishop; Bob Mower; Bill Davis; Victoria Bond; Jonathan Hanson; Bob Jahnke; Ron Gunderson; Pugs and Diane Pivirotto; Brad, Amy, Lexi and Sam Parkin; Rob and Nan Green, and Steve Nelson.

Memorial Day in Vernal
No, it won't be the Equinox in Vernal, but it will be Memorial Day in Vernal, for the BMCU.

In past years we have gone north (Jackson), south (Bryce and Zion), and west (Baker, NV), so it's time we headed east on our annual holiday outing. The Utah and Colorado country out Vernal way offers many enjoyable driving circuits, great scenery, and ample (pre-)historic artifacts.

This year's outing is being led by Pugs and Diane Pivirotto, who have selected the Weston Plaza Hotel (435-789-9550) as our lodging for Sat. May 29 and Sun. May 30. A block of rooms has been reserved at $69 for two plus tax. Call the hotel directly to get the special rate, and identify that you are in group BMCU. The rate is guaranteed until April 24.

Departure will be Saturday morning, and return Monday afternoon -- both times picked to avoid the heavy traffic times that weekend. Rendezvous details and suggested day trips from our base will be described in the May newsletter. Meanwhile, if you have any questions, call Pugs or Diane at 801-486-0547.

MK3 ('65-'66) Austin Healy Sprite . Complete rolling chasis minus engine and tranny (complete exhaust still installed). Exterior complete including lights, bumpers and windshield/windows. Seats and instruments missing but dash still installed. VERY GOOD body including floors and rockers. Quality conversion by previous owner to '73-'74 style round arch rear fenders. Great starting point for restoration without much if any welding or body work or could be made reasonable driver just by replacing missing parts. No title. Too many projects but want to find it a good home. Much too nice and complete to part out. $300 or offer. (435) 649-0106 home. (435)640-0451 cell or e-mail at

Wanted - one wheel for a Bugeye Sprite. There are two versions, welded and rivited. I need a rivited one. Call Bill at 801 484 2858 evenings or 486 5049 days.

1972 MGB , chrome bumper. Ambitious project or parts car. Runs but needs major body work. Unmolested motor compartment. New fuel tank. $750 or best offer. Also, 1977 MGB parts car. Fair body, no interior. 90K on engine, was running when parked. Could be restored. $400 or best offer. Contact Bob Wagner, 455-4400 or

'56 Bentley S1 saloon. Beautiful condition, new paint, wood, carpet. Black with silver roof. $20,000. Records back to original owner. Joseph Feaster, home 801-731-0517, cell 801-390-3039.

A few days ago I was having some work done at my local garage. A blonde came in and asked for a sevenhundred-ten.

We all looked at each other and another customer asked, "What is a sevenhundred-ten?"

She replied, "You know, the little piece in the middle of the engine, I have lost it and need a new one."

She replied that she did not know exactly what it was, but this piece had always been there and now it wasn't.

The mechanic gave her a piece of paper and a pen and asked her to draw what the piece looked like.

She drew a circle and in the middle of it wrote 710. He then took her over to another car which had its hood up and asked "is there a 710 on this car?"

She pointed and said, "Of course, it's right there."

Now, if you're not sure what a 710 is, check this spot next month.

You know you've owned a Jaguar too long when . . .

You always park downhill

The guy at the parts house is listed as a dependent on your income tax form

You get in a car and are surprised when all of the instruments work

You tell your wife that you were out until 3AM because the car broke down . . . and she believes you

The family is no longer upset in having to share the dinner table with a bunch of SU parts

You don't trust anyone named Lucas When your generator dies, you just pull another out of your Lucas pile of Bits

You wash your hands BEFORE working in the engine compartment

You'd rather give the family pitbull a bath than tune your SU carburetors - again

You allow four hours for a trip, 3 for repairs and 1 for driving

You can unstick a jammed starter in the dark, in the rain, in 5 minutes and don't think it's a big deal

There's no oil on the garage floor so you know the car's completely empty Your car makes a funny sound and you immediately know what's wrong, how much it will cost, and what tools you will need to repair it.

BMCU Key Fobs Available
Dress up your key collection with a stylish BMCU key fob. These are enameled metal, with the BMCU logo in full color, with either MG or Triumph logos in relief on the back.

Price is $10 each. Contact Mitch Johnson , Telehone (801)-547-1087. Some of the enameled MG and Triumph fobs may be available, as well.

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Exchequer Report
As of March 15, 2004:

Beginning balance (from last report)
Members' contributions $ 185.00
Interest income $ .98
Printing & Mailing $ 316.00
Insurance $ 150.00
$ 466.00
------------ ------------
Ending balance $1,969.13