BMCU Newsletter - FEBRUARY 2004
Volume 16 Number 5

Tech Session: Body Leading
January 17th
J. Jennings got the lead out -- as well as associated tools and potions, to tell all about body leading. Working from a handout extracted from an MG ZB workshop manual on "Body Soldering", J. discussed pro's and con's of body leading vs. modern plastic fillers ("Bondo") for sheet metal repair. It turns out that leading has many advantages over plastic fillers, including strength, resistance to impact, and temperature stability. Fillers, on the other hand, are great for final finish coating, even over lead repairs. Whereas fillers can only be applied in thin layers, lead can be applied to whatever thickness your skill, materials and stamina permit.

J. demonstrated on some scrap steel, and then on the fender of his son's '53 Chevy, proving that Yes Virginia, the technique works on US steel as well as British steel. Many tips and tricks were dispensed, e.g., make sure you use a good quality "tinning butter", and keep your smoothing paddles slippery by dipping in automatic transmission fluid! After school was dismissed, attendees enjoyed touring J.'s impressive British car collection, including an XK120, XK140, 2 MG ZB's, an MG TC, MG TF, and Spridget. Pupils included: Gary Lindstrom, John Progess, Brian Vassey, Mick McDougall, Dave Maxwell, Bill Van Moorhem, Barry Blackett, Terry Miller, Stewart Nichols, Richard Moklofsky, Chris Macan.

Annual Potluck Dinner and Business Meeting
February 21
Yes, loyal club members, another year has passed and we need to gather to celebrate the great events we had, swap tales, boasts and fibs, enjoy a great potluck dinner, plan next year, and purge or reelect the Board of Governors. This year the venue will be back at St. Paul's Episcopal Church, 261 South 900 East in Salt Lake City. Parking is available in St. Paul's lot on the west side of 900 East. Come at 6 pm, and bring photos or other memorabilia from 2003 or earlier to share and stimulate memories.

We never try to coordinate what people bring -- that would be way beyond BMCU's level of organization! Just bring the items you enjoy eating. Prizes will be offered for manifold cookery! Call Bill Davis at 801-486-5049 (work) or 801-484-2858 (home) if you have any questions.

It's Time To Renew Our (BMCU) Vows
February brings Ground Hog Day, Take Your Poltergeist To Work Day, and lots of other notable events, but the most important by far is the Return Your BMCU Membership Card Festival.

Tucked into this issue is a tan post card by which you can express your continued interest in receiving the fantastic (yes, we deal in fantasies) BMCU monthly newsletter, delivered to your very own garage or domicile (aren't they the same?). This is required by the US Postal Service in connection with our economical mail permit, and by the Board of Governors to control the production cost of each issue. Your simplest response is to fill it out, slap a stamp on it, and despatch it (British term) pronto (Italian term). Alternatively, if your memory is sharp as a ragged piece of body sheet metal, you can bring it to the Potluck Annual Meeting (see the article elsewhere on these pages). However you do it, don't forget!

One note on the blank for email address: any email addresses supplied will be automatically added to the email list, unless an indication is made that this is not desired. Your stalwart Governor General defends the integrity of this email list, and intercepts all spam aimed at this list, so you can be sure that the list will only be used for bona fide purposes. Actually, I have learned a lot from these messages, regarding prescriptions from Canada, investment opportunities in Nigeria, reconditioned (body) parts, etc.

The Lucas Calendar
This calendar works about as well as its namesake, so use it with care. All events are subject to change. Check our web site for the latest information.
Feb. 21 6 PM Pot Luck Dinner, St. Paul's Episcopal Church Bill Davis. 486-5049

Wanted: Newsletter Editor
Must be able to spelle corectklie and have the bestest of grammare. Benefits—Short hours, noboby can give you any crap or dock your pay.

Seriously, I’ve had a lot of fun doing the last years newsletters, but it’s time for me to step down and let another sucker, err I mean, noble person to step up and produce a really decent newsletter. The great thing about this club is the way people step in and volunteer. Being the newsletter editor is rewarding and besides if you publish it, your annual dues will be waived.
Jeff Porter

Scottsdale Auction 2004
Gary and Sandy Lindstrom
After years of hoping and planning (but not executing), this year we attended the famous Barrett-Jackson Classic Car Auction in Scottsdale, AZ. All we can say (actually, we have a lot more to say, below) is that it definitely lives up to its reputation as the greatest classic car auction of them all.

Size alone is overwhelming: 185,000 attendees over 4 days, 758 cars auctioned (98% sold, about one every 3 minutes), and $38.5 million in sales -- all in a tent so large that the only other one in existence is at Newark Airport, used for drive through airliner deicing.

For car lovers such as us, it was nirvana. No where else (except possibly the Pebble Beach event, which is smaller but more stratospheric in car values) can you see such a diverse and fascinating assembly of collector cars. Want a 1915 Model T pick up truck circus wagon used to haul wild cats in Barnum and Bailey parades? One sold for $43,740 (all prices quoted include 8% buyer's premium). Want a retired factory prepped Mustang dragster? Several sold (when the first one pulled up on the stage and shut off its cacophonous roar, the auctioneer cheerily blurted: "Honey, I'm home!"). How about a 1941 Lincoln Zephr V-12 coupe street rod? Sold for $432,000. Perhaps you'd prefer a matching pair (restored together, bought together) of a 1936 Auburn 852 Supercharged Convertible ($140,000) and a 1937 Cord 812 Supercharged Phaeton ($324,000). For those with a smaller budget and an even smaller garage, a 1959 Heinkel Trojan one door coupe (think: anorexic BMW Isetta) went for $22,680. Probably was taken home as carry on luggage.

For Britmobile lovers, 7 MG's, 3 Triumphs, 29 Jaguars, and 5 Austin-Healey's were offered, as well as a Nash-Healey roadster (one of our favorites at the show), 1 Daimler, 10 Rolls-Royce's and 3 Bentley's (Michael Jackson's late model celebrity autographed Arnage was present, with two beefy guards, but MJ himself was otherwise occupied, and somehow forgot to convey the title, which prevented its appearance on the auction block). Sample prices: a gorgeous XK140 drop head coupe in burgundy and tan went for $94,500; a 1954 MG TF went for $21,060; a 1976 TR-6 went for $21,600, and the Nash-Healey ("Body by Pina Forita (Italy). Frame by Healey (England) and engine by Nash (Kenosha, WI-USA)") went for $37,260. The full car list with photos and prices is available on -- but cover your keyboard to catch drool first.

Socially, the event was a major hoot. We were sagely advised by J. Jennings to purchase a bidder's package (they accepted Gary's bottle cap collection as collateral), which was definitely worth the investment. This granted us both 4 day admission, preferred parking, admission to the Wednesday evening Gala, free bar during auction hours, seating in front of the stage (did you see us on Speed Channel?), and various other entertainment events. At these, the people watch was almost as good as the car watching. And, despite the obvious surfeit of money on hand, we met lots of interesting, entertaining people -- and not a single jerk!

Barrett-Jackson has been at this 25 years, and does a superb job. Everything ran amazingly smoothly (the MJ Bentley episode notwithstanding). Despite the scale (and there is talk it is outgrowing the current site, which is an equestrian park run by the City of Scottsdale), Barrett-Jackson is very good about giving everyone, no matter whether they have a bidder's paddle or simply a daily admission, full access to the cars in their storage tents and even on the staging lines outside the auction tent (a bidder's paddle is necessary to be on the stage during auctioning).

Unless you are agoraphobic, this event needs to go on your list of events to do sometime in your life. When you go, look for us!

(Photo Section. See printed newsletter or online PDF version - webmaster )

There has been a nasty rumor floating around lately that Greg Smith who has claimed since 1965 that he owns a 50 TD, really doesn’t own anything but a bunch of old junk. This rumor has been put to rest. Thanks to a hidden camera, the BMCU snoop has documented that he does in fact own, at least parts of the said TD.

Nostalgia Lane
One is of the very first BMCU outing -- or more properly, the informal outing at which the idea of the BMCU was hatched. Ask Bill Van Moorhem if you want to know the participants.

BMCU contingent that attended the Gathering of the Faithful West MG T series convention in Calgary in 1994. What a ball we had at that! And 3 years later, we were hosting it ourselves in Park City!

Diane & Pugs Pivirotto at the 2001 St. Patty's Day parade

1975 Triumph Spitfire Overdrive. Good mechanical condition. Good Top. Needs minor body work. Asking 6,000.00 OBO. Kevin Thomas (cell) 801 675-0386

Morris Miner parts for sale. 4 Doors, 2 Hoods, 2 Trunk Lids, 4 Front Fenders, 4 Back Fenders, 2 Radiator Coupes and a Heater Blower assembly. Call Bennie at 620-222-7842

1970 MGB FOR SALE Asking 2,000.00. Body is in good shape, but needs new paint. Good mechanically, but needs tune-up. 801 485-1058

WANTED: XPEG engine. Mike Bailey, 743-2875.

4 wire wheels that are in good condition that fit TR3 &4. Also 4 wire wheels for a Midget. that would work well as a spare. My home number is 571-3179 or cell # 631-2250. I live in Sandy. Steve

TR6 Hardtop needs repair. Need 71 MGB Right Front Fender – Erick 801-451-5081

Wanted: Magnetic Gas Cap for Triumph GT-6. Call Roger at W-269-7531 or H-278-4767.

1972 MGB , chrome bumper. Ambitious project or parts car. Runs but needs major body work. Unmolested motor compartment. New fuel tank. $750 or best offer. Also, 1977 MGB parts car. Fair body, no interior. 90K on engine, was running when parked. Could be restored. $400 or best offer. Contact Bob Wagner, 455-4400 or

' 56 Bentley S1 saloon . Beautiful condition, new paint, wood, carpet. Black with silver roof. $20,000. Records back to original owner. Joseph Feaster, home 801-731-0517, cell 801-390-3039.

2 sets of rostyle wheels that need a new home. These are free just call and come and get one or all. Thanks, Call Roger at 269-7531 or home is 278-4767.

Two 1967 Sunbeam Alpines . One was a parts car that has been fairly well picked over but still has things like axles, brakes, and wheels. I am about to send it to scrap, but want to offer it to any club members who are interested, before I do so. Who ever wants it has to take the whole deal, not just parts! They must also arrange to tow it away promptly. I can be contacted at 364-4427. The car is up by the University of Utah.

Board of Governors:
Governor General: Gary Lindstrom 801-532-1259
Board Member: Jim “Pugs” Pivirotto 801-486-0547
Chancellor of the Exchequer: Marty VanNood 801-467-0525,
Newsletter Editor: Jeff Porter 801-466-9839
Webmaster: Mark Noeltner 801-352-2743,
Membership director: Bruce Schilling, 801-486-0425,

This Newsletter is published by the British Motor Club of Utah, Ltd., a non-profit corporation of British automobile owners. The group holds monthly events such as drives, picnics, technical sessions, and more. We welcome owners (or potential owners) of British cars, in any condition, to the group. Membership is free, but we ask for a donation at events to support the Newsletter and other activities. If you would like to join the group, send your name, address, and a list of British cars owned to:
Bruce Schilling
917 East Mill Creek Way
Salt Lake City, Utah 84106
or to Bruce’s email address shown above.

Check us out on the web!

Exchequer Report
As of Jan. 22, 2004:
Beginning balance (from last report) $2659.87
Members' contributions $208.00
Interest income $2.09
Admin $90.61
Printing & Mailing $523.20
Taxes & License $7.00
Ending balance $2249.15