Gathering of the Clan

Saturday March 15, 2008 was the annual gathering of the Clan O'BMCU at the Acme Burger Company in downtown Salt Lake City. Approximately thirty hardy souls braved the almost spring like weather, some even driving LBC's, to savor the fine food and enjoy the camaraderie.

Owner Alan Ireland was there to greet us and made an effort to introduce himself to everyone in attendance. Alan even sent around several platters of appetizers on the house for us to enjoy. For those that don't know, Alan is a member of the BMCU and a Mini owner and one of his sous chefs is an MGB owner. Acme Burger is definitely a dining spot to return to. Thanks for taking such good care of us Alan!

Spotted in the parking area, were an MG TC, TD, TF, MGA, MGB's, TR6, TR7, Jaguar, Mini and a Crossfire (wonder who owned that). Attending lunch were Nan and Rob Green, Pugs and Diane Pivirotto, Larry Farrington, Jeff and Mary Phillips, Barry Engstom, John Progess, Jon and Susan Hermance along with daughter Laura and friend Steve, Mitch and Diane Johnson, Mike and Sharon Bailey, Dave and Carol Marks, Gary and Sandy Lindstrom, Rob Foye and Bob Jahnke. We apologize to anyone who attended but is not listed above.

After lunch a number of clan folk drove up Emigration Canyon to let their cars exercise after the long cold hibernation, up to Little Dell Reservoir and the road's winter end. It was brisk but exhilarating to blow the winter dust off our little beauties. All in all, a great time was had by all.

-- Pugs and Diane Pivirotto

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