Potluck Dinner and Annual Meeting
February 9, 2008

Feb. 9th was a beautiful day for a change and maybe that is why there was such a small turn out for our Pot Luck dinner? So everyone went home with a door prize donated from such generous folks as Moss Motors, Victoria British, LBC car Co., Advanced Distributors LLC along with a generous gift certificate of $50.00 from club member Alan Ireland at the Acme Burger in SLC. The club exchequer kicked in two $25 gift certificates to Lamb's Grill.

Many ideas were discussed, and the prototype of the new BMCU ball cap was on display, and lots of good food was on offer by our creative members..

The BMCU Board of Governors was the first order of business. Larry Bishop stepped down with a gratitude of thanks and a round of applause form the membership. With Larry's vacancy it was proposed that Paul Jaroch be nominated to fill the position. Without a hesitation Paul was accepted and welcomed to his new position. Paul brings a wealth of experience and most of all a great love and enthusiasm for this group to the board. Paul will also be starting a new duty we've thought of, he is now the NAMGBR liaison for the BMCU. This should help the communication between us and our national sponsor. The rest of the board has graciously volunteered to stay on for another season!

Next we hashed out to the best of our ability the upcoming years driving events. With just a few folks there it was hard to get very much input and volunteers for the different events, so we will be asking for help throughout the coming season. Most of last years events will be the same, as they seemed to be popular traditions with the club.

One difference will be the Alpine Loop. This year the Board of Governors are declaring a "dividend" as Gary L. put it. We are asking that on this years Alpine Loop run that nobody bring their lunch. We will be providing a full blown BBQ picnic lunch for the group in Heber. More to come! The events have been posted on the Lucas Calendar.

Thanks to all that attended and participated at the Pot Luck dinner! Michael Scoggins, Paul Jaroch, Rob Foye, Mitch & Diane Johnson, Andrew Frink, Bill Davis, Larry Bishop, Barry Engstrum, Roger & Jill Davis, Kevin & Marie Cowan, Mark & Karen Bradakis, Pugs & Diane Pivirotto, Bob & Dixie Jahnke and Gary Lindstrom.

Here's to another great year!

-- Mitch D. Johnson
Governor General

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