Once Around the Lake Spring Run
April 12

It began as a good idea, run up Ogden Canyon, lunch at The Oaks and drive around Pineview Reservoir. The day prior I get a call from The Oaks saying the road would be closed for the day for repairs and they wouldn't even be open. Horrors. So OK, a little hitch in the route went out via e:mail and it worked. It actually WORKED.

Gary brought the Capitol group up to Kaysville to meet the Checker Auto group. Together we all motored north on 89 then east on 84 to Mountain Green. From there it was a blast up an over Trappers Loop. I was in the lead vehicle with Michael Scoggins with Larry and Margaret Farrington in hot pursuit. Thankfully elder Smokey was taking a coffee break at the time. Regroup at the bottom of the hill then onto Huntsville, down to the lake then back into the town. Huntsville goes to sleep in the winter time and the Yukon Grill is closed and up for sale.

Hmm, now where is Mitch? Clayton makes phone contact and somehow we got separated and Mitch is at our destination drive in. So it's up and over the North Ogden Divide, a steep and dramatic road and on to Kirk's Drive In, a 50's gem in North Ogden. Great eats and gentle, unhurried camaraderie. This is the hallmark of our motor club, driving our cars with one another and making new friends.

Batting about the Ogden Valley were Gary Lindstrom (MG-TD), Steven Nelson (MGA), Clayton & Sharon Merchant (MGA), John Progress (MGA coupe), Chris Jones (MGB), Jim Stover (TR6), Larry & Margaret Farrington (TR6), Jon Zaremba (MGB), Jon Perry (Spitfire), Bob & Dixie Jahnke (Austin Healey), Duncan Edwards (Volvo ES), Mitch & friend (Spitfire) and me and Michael Scoggins (TR6). Quite a turn out for this early season run. Next year we'll do it backwards around the lake for a different scene. Whoo Hoo.

-- Paul Jaroch

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