Memorial Day Weekend Tour 2008
Jackson, WY

Once again the BMCU returned to one of its favorite Memorial Day haunts, Jackson, WY, and had as great a time as ever.

It had been a rainy week and by Friday it was determined that the original plan to rendezvous in Huntsville with the northern contingent and travel over the Monte Cristo pass was infeasible since that road was closed due to snow. Consequently the route was changed to travel through Evanston to Woodruff and Randolph, and up to Star Valley, Alpine, and Jackson. The two contingents were united at the I-80 rest stop just passed the I-84 junction.

Differing speeds, stopping regimens, and sub-route preferences caused the group to dissipate on I-80, though all were reunited at a convenience store north of Evanston. Traveling north some took the Lakeview route around Bear Lake, while others elected the more direct route through Cokeville, WY. In any case all arrived safely in Jackson in time for a nice dinner at the Gun Barrel restaurant, which features the friendly sign "Certainly we serve vegetarians -- what do you think cows are?!?".

Although it was a bit "moist" on the way up, the weather cleared beautifully on Sunday, and great photo opportunities abounded, especially for those who explored Grand Teton National Park. Shopping of course is feasible in any weather, and lots may be had in Jackson for art lovers, western wear lovers, curio lovers, and bar lovers.

Folks formed smaller groups for dinner Sunday evening, with enticing options for just about every palate and pocket book. The Hermances were treated to a special thank you dinner by their daughters at a lovely new upscale restaurant overlooking Jackson.

Most of the group returned on Monday morning, which was rainy but mild with light traffic except for the stretch from I-80 to Salt Lake, which is always busy it seems.

Thanks go out to Jon Hermance and Bob Jahnke, who made the arrangements and herded this bunch of cats through a very enjoyable weekend. Attendees were: Kevin & Maria Cowan, Margaret & Larry Farrington, Gary, Sandy & Margaux Lindstrom, Bob & Dixie Jahnke, Terry & Lien Rees, Keri & Melanie Bruce, Mitch & Diane Johnson, Kimberly & Dawn (The Mini girls), Jon & Susan Hermance, Mike & Alison McGruder, Laura & Rookie Hermance & Steven Little.

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