Utah Scottish Association's Highland Games and Scottish Festival
June 14, 2008

What more can be said except the that weather was finally nice, the grass was green and soft and the sounds of bag pipes rang through the air!

What a great day to take a nice drive to Thanksgiving Point, park the car on a soft green uncluttered hill (you had to see the parking lot!) and spread out the blankets, setup the chairs and enjoy the day.

There was much to see, do and drink (sorry not that kind of drink, this is Utah county!). There were Kilts a plenty, music and dancers. Check out the photos and you'll see a couple of Lassies trying to make off with my car!

Folks who made the trip were: Mitch and Diane Johnson, Kathy and Floyd Inman, Darron, Tammy, Elle and Cate Inman, Scott and Reegan Sjuquist, John Progess, Clayton Merchant, Roger Davis, Barry Engstrum, Rob and Nan Green, Don and Jan Schroeder, Clyde L. White, Pugs and Diane Piviroto, Dylan Thurston, Gary Lindstrom.

-- Mitch Johnson

Click here to see photos of the event