Antelope Island Tour
Saturday, May 3

The day started out just a bit on the cool side, but soon blossomed into a full fledged warm beautiful day! The Southern group after meeting up at the arranged spot, decided to expedite their route to the Northern meeting place by taking I-15 to Layton. In what could only be defined as precision timing, just as the group approached Kaysville the Governor General and daughter side kick pulled out onto the freeway and took the lead into Layton!

After some social catching up among members at the meeting place we decided it was time to head for the island. A vote was taken and since several folks were on a time schedule we opted to head to the Ranch first to enjoy lunch as a group. Once again we enjoyed time talking, laughing and getting acquainted. After lunch folks dispersed in different directions to make it a complete afternoon.

Folks attending who signed the clipboard: Mitch & Shelley Johnson, Dawn Owens, Larry Farrington & daughter Stephanie, Keri & Kacey Bruce, Rich Goodman, Chris Jones, John Perry, John Progess, Bob Jahnke, Steve & Chris Abner, Mike & Becky Chambers, Jon MacLean, Dan Schweikert and Ryan Duffy.

— Mitch Johnson

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