Alpine Loop Run and Raffle
Saturday, August 16, 2008

This was the 20th Anniversary of the BMCU's initial event. We had Rich Holder, one of the originals on hand to send us off. What more can anyone say? The weather was perfect, traffic was entertaining, I'm told the food was acceptable and the facilities at Heber park were a nice change (shade, seating, tables and restrooms!).

I'm not 100% sure but I think this was our biggest turnout for the Alpine Loop run yet. Heber city allowed us to park on the grass creating an instant British car show in downtown Heber. The new 20th Anniversary T-shirt designed by our very own Larry Farrington was unveiled and became an instant success! If you wear XXL, XL or small shirts we still have some available. We may need to place another order for more sizes.

Here is an attempt to list everyone who was there: (please excuse misspellings since I am trying to read your handwriting!) Gary, Sandy, Margaux Lindstrom, Tim Furner, Larry & Margaret Farrington, Stephanie Arceneaux, Roger & Jill Davis, Clayton & Sharon Merchant, Jim Stover & Linda, Barry & Denny Blackett, Keri & Melanie Bruce, Terry D. Rees, John, Tina, Barbara & Kim Progess, Steven G. Nelson, Mark & Karen Bradakis, Dave & Anne Spendlove, Dee & Mary Ann Dostaler, Sue Cogger, Rich & Shirley Holder, Jon, Susan & Laura Hermance, Rondo & Barbara Rawlins, Rudy Vanderniet, Mike & Becky Chambers, Duff Lawson, Chris Dunbeck, Rob & Mary Foye, Richard Weyland, Aaron Sphar, Marty Van Nood & Dublin, Paul Jaroch, Kevin & Marie Cowan, Don & Jan Schroeder, Layne Taggart, Jason & Stacy Underwood, Werner Prochaska, Bert & Sandee Cherry, Tony Earl, Rob & Erin Green, Floyd & Kathy Inman, Janet & Kent Topham & Daisy, Chris Jones, Gene & Matthew Holley, Patrick & Ken Gleason, Roger Dotson, Dylan & Jessamyn Thurston, Bill Beecher, Mitch, Diane & Shelley Johnson.

Prize donors include: Hemmings Motor News, Kevin Cowan, FastKart, Little British Car Co., Pepper Mill Casino Wendover, Hogle Zoo, Moss Motors, Apple Hydraulics, Tom's Import Car Sales, Antique Auto Battery Co., British Wire Wheel, Acme Burger Co., Kimberly Owens, Prestone Antifreeze, BMCU T-shirts, and several BMCU members who made on-the-spot donations we didn't get a chance to log.

I would like to thank all of the kind folks who helped put this fantastic event together. There is no way anyone could have pulled this off on their own. And thanks to everyone who came to participate! It takes super people like yourselves to make this club what a special group it is.

Mitch D. Johnson
BMCU Governor General

Click here to see photos of the event