Trappers Loop Run Saturday July 14

The Trappers Loop run was a cool ride on a hot day!

This Saturday, July 14 turned out to be a beautiful day for a great ride in our little LBC’s. We had a great turnout of 19 cars and over 30 people who gathered together to enjoy the beautiful scenery and milder temperatures of our Northern mountains. We met at Hogle Zoo at about 9:00 am and everyone had a chance to chat for a while before we left at 9:30am. There were some minor delays for roadwork up Emigration canyon but from there the road was clear for the rest of the trip.

There did not seem to be as many bicyclists this year as in the past but we did meet a large number of sport motorcyclists enjoying the day going the opposite direction. We picked up an additional Triumph TR6 as we passed East Canyon Resort on our way to Morgan and another new club member in his Spitfire met us at the Morgan Chevron station at our usual rest, stretch and beverage stop. There was a small gathering of motorcyclists there and as we gathered in the parking area the cameras came out and people started taking pictures of our little cars and telling stories of their parents and relatives who used to own this car or that car. Everyone sure seems to enjoy seeing our little cars!

From there we proceeded along the frontage road to Mountain Green and up the Trappers Loop to the Snowbasin turnoff. From there it was a twisty, fun and interesting ride down the old, original ski resort access road to Pineview reservoir, where we met up with Roland Held in E-type Jaguar. We proceeded on to the Oaks restaurant where the staff did their usual admirable job of getting us all seated and serving us lunch. They really are a great bunch of people!

After lunch people said their good buys and headed off in different directions home and an end to a great day of scenery, fun mountain roads and meeting some new members. It seems as though our club is attracting some new young members and this is great for our club and our hobby.

Our LBC’s were represented by 2 MGA’s, 6 Triumph TR6’s, 2 Triumph Spitfires, 3 MGB’s, 1 MGBGT, 2 MGTD’s, 1 MINI and 1 Jaguar XJS. The drivers and co drivers were John & Barbara Progess, Clayton & Sharon Merchant, Tony Walker, Brett Finley, Jim Stover, Jon Zaremba, Layne Taggart, Lori Wooton, Mike & Becky Chambers, Rob & John Foye, Chuck & Jack Easton, Marty Van Nood, Gary Lindstrom, Nick & Amanda Thomas, Chris Jones, Duff Lawson, Ray Lawson, Chris Dunbeck, Larry & Margaret Farrington, Bill Brinn & Rose Armstrong, Ian Hueton, Chad Derum and Mark Bradakis. My apologies if I missed anyone.

Thanks to everyone who joined us for a great day, and for those who were unable to be there, we will do it again next year and hope to see you then. A special thanks to our new club members and hope to see you at the events we have scheduled for the rest of the year.

-- John Progess

Click here to see photos from the event