St. Patty Day Tour
March 17

About two dozen St Patrick's Day celebrants arrived at the Kmart parking lot on Parley's in a wide variety of fine British vehicles; including MG, Triumph, Lotus, and one Scandinavian. This year's event was an unexpected break from the long BMCU tradition of participation in the annual Saint Patrick's Day parade in downtown Salt Lake City. We were informed last month by the Hibernian Society (organizers of the parade) that Gateway management (the location of the parade) claimed "safety" issues required that car clubs be limited to three vehicles. Since BMCU events are open to all members and we typically have 15 - 20 cars at the parade, the club response was a good Irish "no, nay, neverÂ…" Hence the hasty change in plans.

After some good socializing and a poll of participants as to suggestions for the day's event, two options led the voting: one was to crash the parade, the other was to proceed with due haste yet with English dignity straight to MacCools at Foothill before the crowds of others not at the parade filled the establishment on St. Patty's. A short drive was made towards the mouth of Emigration Canyon on an absolutely beautiful morning (where is good weather when you need it?). Up one side of Foothill then back down the other, the drive led to the construction zone in the tight parking lot near MacCools. It was a combination mini car show and Easter egg hunt with brightly colored Britmobiles interspersed among silver/black/white SUV's.

The BMCU was dutifully in place before the doors of the establishment were opened for business. The event was traditional and in keeping with the founding principles of the BMCU - that events should be open to all, have fun, and be sure to have something good to eat. At this point I personally decided it was too beautiful a day so I went for a drive. Reports are that MacCools did a great job hosting our crowd, just as they did for last October's End of Season Dinner.

--Rob Foye

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