Ogden Valley Balloon Festival
Car Show Saturday August 18

As the old saw goes, be careful what you wish for. Someone wished for cool weather for the Ogden Valley Balloon Festival Car Show, and we got clouds, rain, sun, clouds, rain, sun, ... .

In any case, this car show, organized by new club member Roland Held, was small, eclectic, and lots of fun. Roland is a car carrying member of the Wasatch Mountain Jaguar Register, and owner of Jagzilla, the star of British Field Day, composed of components from Jaguars, Dodges, wheel barrows, Deseret Industries cooking utensils, and other items put out to the curb for the annual clean up days in Eden, UT.

Jim Revel made a big splash showing around photos of his new acquisition, a beautiful battleship grey with red 1952 Jaguar XK120 open two seater (roadster, for you Yanks).

As might be expected, turn out by WMJR members was solid, but BMCUers carried our flag, and a few outsiders showed American iron of various stripes and vintages. Notable among the latter was an American Bantam car, built in Butler PA in the 1930's. People's Choice winner was a 1950's Plymouth Belvedere very clean and dressed with chrome -- didn't some Detroit car maker comment once "Everyone's favorite color is chrome"?

Attendees from the BMCU and WMJR included Bob and Joan Green, John Progess, Jim and Susan Revel, Tim and Susan Furner, Dan and Judi Schweikert, Mike and Susie Cady, J. and Kay Jennings, Bob and Bev Wadman, Sandy, Roland and Albert Held, John and Liz Green, Duane and LeAnn Allred, Glen and Joy Hawkins, and your obedient scribe.

--Gary Lindstrom

Click here to see photos from the event