Park City Miner's Day Parade -- A Tradition!

Miner's Day in Park City is becoming one of the premier events of the BMCU Calendar, and this year we demonstrated the reason. Great weather, a great crowd, a great turnout, and to top it all off we won the best non-commercial entry award.

The day began at the top of Main Street where we gathered, talked a little car talk, drank a little coffee and watched the annual "Rolling of the Balls" down the street. As the parade started we were greeted by an enthusiastic (and appreciative) crowd with most rolling along with engines turned off. And with 20-25 cars we were very well represented.

The end of the route was City Park where most of us gathered for a picnic of Rotary Club burgers. A few drivers missed the turn into the park (we won't mention which Y-Type), but we had our reserved parking in where blankets were spread.

Unfortunately, we did not take names of those attending, however, we received a thank you for the large attendance from the Rotary, and they emphasized their desire to see us again next year. A great big atta boy to all.

--Floyd Inman

Click here to see photos of the event