Memorial Moab Day Run

Last year's Memorial Day Run to Moab was such fun that it was decided to reimplement the specification (geek talk) this year, with pretty much the same route, attendees, motels, and diversions. The only differences were one more dog, warmer weather, and no mechanical problems other than a wayward fuel line (fixed at the rendezvous), and a lost MG TD wheel cover (still rolling somewhere near Price?).

The rendezvous at Hogle Zoo rousted an Austin Healey 3000, 2 MG TDs, an MG TF, an MGB, a TR3, 2 TR6s, 2 Spitfires, and two support vehicles, with the Green's non-BMW Mini joining in Heber. The route took us through Heber, Duchesne, Helper, Green River and on to Moab. Traffic was light on the way down, though the same route on the way back collected lots of "Bubbas in duallys pulling trailers pulling boats" as one participant noted.

The weather was cool at the start but warmed up about 30 degrees south of Price, to mid 90s upon arrival in Moab. The Arts Festival was in full swing in the town park, and BMCUers naturally congregated at the Vine Street Designs art glass booth, Sharon Bailey proprietor. Live music and tasty food added to the ambiance.

We were delighted to see another British car club in town, from Colorado, including MGs, Morgans, and an Austin Healey or two. There was even a local lady from Castle Valley driving a Spitfire that limped into town (the car, not her), expiring (again, the car, not her) in front of Pugs --- who must have had Spitfire Sucker written all over him. He and Mitch, among others, provided first aid to the car, which more properly speaking needed the radiator cap jacked up and the rest of the car replaced under it. Nevertheless these Good Samaritans got the car running to Castle Valley standards, and she (the car, actually) limped back home.

There are of course lots of interesting side trips to make from Moab, and many were sampled throughout the weekend, including Dead Horse Point (can't beat it), along the Colorado River to Dewey and Cisco, Castle Valley and the La Sal Loop (which was an out and back trip due to the Mill Creek Bridge being out), and Arches National Park. An interesting diversion from Castle Valley is the Gateway Road toward the Colorado state line, sampled by Gary and the Greens (a new eco-savvy rock group?), who were rewarded by a spectacular wild flower meadow at the summit where the paved road ends.

One change from last year noted by many was the lessened demand at restaurants, and generally more elbow room in town. The shared guess of the group was that gas prices, which were about $1/gallon higher than last year, were a factor.

Attendees included Jon and Susan Hermance (trip leaders); Mike and Alison (Hermance) Magruder, Dan, Laura (Hermance), and Rookie Maitzen; Pugs Pivirotto; Rob and Nan Green; Michael, Courtney and Douglas Scoggins; Bob and Dixie Jahnke; Mitch and Diane Johnson; Kevin and Maree Cowen; Mike, Sharon and Scooter Bailey; and yours truly.

– Gary Lindstrom

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