Checker Kaysville British Car Show
June 23, 2007

I was approached earlier in the year by my local Checker Auto part store's Manager Randy Mills about the possibility of having a British Car show at his store to show off the cars and show a little appreciation towards us and his customers. We set a date and sent out e-mails. We had a pretty good turn out for such short notice, the weather turned out to be super even though the hottest day yet was predicted.

Randy provided lots of cold drinks and food from the grill. There was plenty of shade and soft grass and chairs to hang out and just shoot the breeze with each other. We had around 15 cars show up and the locals were very impressed! It was said that even though most of our events are "driving" events, it was nice this time to just hang out and get caught up with the latest news and gossip. Cars represented were MG: TF, 2 A's, MGB-GT and a sweet Midget. Triumph: TR-4, 2 6's, 7 and 3 Spitfires. An old Mini and a new Mini. And a Lotus 7. We basically owned that parking lot!

You might have thought we were slowing down business for Randy because of the lack of parking for his customers but he claims we actually attracted more and the day was a success. Randy was also very generous and provided each owner with a car care "gift". I'm guessing about $35.00 worth of goodies to keep your car at it's best (not yours Nathan!). This Checker store is always proactive with items for our Alpine Loop raffle prizes.

-- Mitch D. Johnson

Photos from the event

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