BMCU Takes Gold at GoF West Held in Park City

A few months ago the publicity chair for the GoF West 2007 wrote an article that began "Tick, tick, tick. The clock is running." Well, the clock ran and the alarm sounded, and we held one of the most enjoyable Gatherings that I have ever been involved with.

The Canyons Resort in Park City was the venue for the July 2-6, 2007, edition of the Gathering of the Faithful West, and the BMCU came away with most of the gold.

The weather was wonderful, and the MGs were in top shape. Monday brought most of us together with the Registration and Orientation Cocktail Party where the week's activities were described in detail. Plenty of food and beverage seems to bring out the best out, and this event was no exception.

Tuesday we held our annual Car Show with Jon Hermance at the helm. Again, weather and venue were fitting for this event and the cars sparkled. Around 80 cars were displayed in the Plaza area of the resort with great fanfare.

Even "Scooter" (Mike and Sharon Bailey's dog) brought his car. Warren Wendt tried his best to disguise his Mini as an MG with his decorated car cover, but I don't think he fooled anyone.

Later in the day Mike Bailey sponsored two technical sessions, the first on lubricants with representatives from Red Line offering their thoughts. The second was described as a free-for-all with no subject, but rather an open forum on any subject the attendees wanted to discuss, and it seemed to be a great success with many subjects talked over and just as many opinions.

That evening found us once again around the refreshment table for the prelude to our annual Auction Dinner where many wonderful items had been donated by both our vendor community and our membership. Prior to dinner being served we held the first annual GoF West Car Race, with seven entrants and a few wagers the event went forward (and occasionally backwards) to the cheers of the observers.

John Seim (GoF's default auctioneer) conducted a lively (and profitable) auction where most went away with some treasure that they still don't know how they have lived this long without.

Wednesday, being the Fourth of July, was a light day for activities. J Jennings and John Progess designed and ran a very scenic rallye. They had placed a marker at the ten mile mark. However, the efficiencies of UDOT had it cleaned out and they attempted to relocate the mark. I think they came close, but . . .

The attendees had the evening on their own, with a good number taking in the Utah Symphony's performance at Deer Valley.

Thursday morning brought about the Flea Market and Funkhana. We kept looking to Larry Long for his description of the events that led up to Hana Funk and her Funkhana. For the first time that we could remember, the Funkhana opened around 9:00 AM with a small lineup of cars, but as late as 12:15 PM that line had continued to grow without any letup. All comments were positive, especially on the creativity these ladies bring to the event. Many thanks to Sharon Bailey, Susan Hermance, Barbara Progess, and Carol Marks. Perhaps this is an indication that the men should keep their distance from the planning of this event and leave it to the talent.

And Thursday evening brought our Awards Banquet where all of the winners were recognized. BMCU winners included John Progess with a first place in the MGA division. Of course his only competition didn't appear until the end of the show, and it is questionable if Roger Dotson would have beat him out or not. The gold would have still been the BMCU's. The host and grand daughter (Floyd and Kyleen Inman) walked away with first place at the Funkhana driving the "Y" of all things.

However, the big winners were David and Carol Marks with their beautiful TC, placing very high in all three competitive events and taking the High Point Award. Congratulations Dave and Carol.

The send-off on Friday morning was a wonderful continental breakfast and our annual Winner's Circle.

The dates for the next GoF West will be July 6-10, 2008 in Monterey, California.