Antelope Island Drive
May 5

It was dark and cloudy morning ... .

The annual drive to Antelope Island was well attended considering the weather; overcast, windy, and cold with the threat of rain. Rob and Mary Foye in their TR4 were the only souls brave enough to venture out with the top down. There rest of us were playing it safe and staying warm.

After the usual pleasantries were exchanged we departed from the State Capital Building and headed up victory road to Beck Street, then up to towards Bountiful, Farmington, Kaysville, and Layton via HWY 89 instead of hitting I-15 as in years past. The drive is scenic with rolling hills, old small down towns, and loads of old stone homes dating from the early 1900's.

The northern contingents were waiting at the designated rendezvous spot on Antelope drive. Again after more pleasantries, the now complete group of 11 cars rolled out towards the guard station on the causeway to the Island. Paying our $9 fee we drove the 7 miles to the island to be meet by the annual Antelope Island Road Bike Race. In past years when I was racing bikes I road this race a few times. Sometimes it's warmish others cold and rainy. You never know this time of year. They were all bundled up in their winter gear riding the northwest portion of the Island in circles for a proscribed time. With a 30 mph wind out to the north and 40 degrees they didn't look like they were having much fun. In the best of times it is a hard race, this year looked miserable.

We then headed out towards Fielding Garr Ranch driving a bit over the speed limit of 25 mph. That road deserves to be driven at a much higher rate of speed, but being the leader and not wanting to get a ticket I kept the speed down. Buffalos were spotted on the hills on the way in and out with a jack rabbit or two. There was even a nest of owls in the barn at the ranch. I'm happy to say that the animals stayed away for our vehicles.

Lunch was eaten not at the picnic tables under the trees but in a building that one of the docents let us use. No chairs were available so everyone stood. After driving we didn't hear any complaints. Mary was unable to attend but in here typical fashion and being a first grade teacher she had a 10 question quiz prepared concerning the Island. They were written out with prizes furnished for the correct answer. Some prizes were even for the girls in the group. All the prizes had little notes attached referring to some aspect of our hobby or our old British reliable cars.

Every one had a great time with no mechanicals that I have heard about. Paul Jaroch was in attendance but instead of his now dead red Mercedes, was in his new 1980 black MGB. It was great to see him with a big smile on his face. Also in attendance were Mitch & Diane Johnson, Mike & Devra Kelly, Paul Joroch with Wiley the dog, Barry Engstrum, Rob & Mary Foye, Jonathan Hanson (BAHC), Dawn & Chad Owens, Jon & Susan Hermance, John & Barbara Progess, Larry Farrington, John Perry and Michael Scoggins.

The day was great, always fun getting together with the group. I still get excited seeing the string of British Iron driving in a single column knowing I'm part of this quirky hobby and club. It is always so much fun.

-- Michael Scoggins

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