20th consecutive run of the Alpine Loop for the BMCU

Saturday morning of August 11th was the beginning of a beautiful sunny day, perfect for a drive through the mountains above us.

Since its beginnings in 1988 the Alpine Loop has always been the BMCU's premier drive each summer. This year was the 20th time we got together (I checked twice, even took off my shoes to count!).

A small group started earlier and met at Mimi's Café for a nice breakfast and a chance to chat before meeting up for the drive. I was pleasantly surprised at the huge turn out despite regrets sent by several frequent attendees. Mike Scoggins volunteered to take us on a "new" route up and over the foothill to our meeting place in Alpine, and nobody got lost (just a few of us struggled on the steep hill).

Waiting for us in Alpine was a group nearly the size we started with and now we are one huge group! So after a quick pit (potty) stop we got the herd moving -- what a sight! After a nearly flawless (rumor has it that a Bugeye made an unscheduled stop?) run through the loop we arrived in Heber for picnicking and raffle drawings.

This year the Gov and Larry Bishop along with the lovely Paige Vanderniet did the raffling with a huge pile of donations collected by the Bishops, bolstered by the new twist of having "girly" gifts for our supporters who prefer not to get greasy and turn wrenches -- rounded up by Mary Scoggins and Diane Johnson. Floyd was noticeably upset for not winning the bath salts!

The Gov recognized that there had been a suggestion to make something up for the 20th anniversary, but alas there was not enough time to do so. Thus it is proposed that we start on a design for the 25th anniversary run (T-shirt, dash plaque, hat pin or something) nothing too crazy, but nice. A great day with great folks and some amazing machines!

Attendees: Mitch & Diane Johnson, Patrick Gleason, David Spendlove, Bob Jahnke, Bill Beecher, Jim Stover, Rachel Tso, Martin Van Nood, Jon Zaremba, Larry & Stephanie Farrington, Rick & Gwen Hughes, Susan, Jon & Laura Hermance, Mike & Mary Scoggins, Mike & Becky Chambers, Kevin & Marie Cowan, Brad Parkin, Keith Fuller, Dawn & Kimberly Owens, Larry Bishop, Rob Foye, Tom Temple, Terry Rees, Rudy & Karyn Vanderniet & Family, Steven G. Nelson, Roger & Jill Davis, Clayton & Sharon Merchant, Barry & Denise Blackett, Duff Lawson, Ray Lawson, Chris Dunbeck, John Progess, Floyd & Kathy Inman, Doug & Ilene Wimer, Andrew Frink, Roger Dotson, Rob & Carol McGill, Bob & Pat Markmann, Bob & Valerie Lux, Steve Miller & Mary Rook.

--Mitch Johnson

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