Body Shop 101 by Dave Maxwell

Once again there was a fine turn out for Dave Maxwell's tech session, this one on November 19 about body fillers and preparation for painting. Dave covered. the proper way to mix and apply body fillers, the correct grit of abrasives to use, helpful tools, and the surface preparation for primer application. The gremlins turn out to be pin holes and fish eyes, as well as improper abrasive grits at various stages. Lots of sound and helpful advice was dispensed, with emphasis on techniques for part time amateurs, as opposed to professionals focused on speed. Demos were performed on pieces from Bob Jahnke's new TR3, which has an interesting history to tell, as revealed by 40-grit archeology. Along the way many questions were asked, both on the day's subject, and on properties, advantages and disadvantages of modern paint systems.

Benefiting from this Vo Tech event were Gary Lindstrom, Brian Elkins, Mark Hoffman, Al Gordon, Dave Maxwell, Roger Dotson, John Progess, Marty Van Nood, Jon Hermance, Bob Jahnke, Michael Scoggins, Larry Farrington, Barry Blackett, Allen Brown, Bob Wiseman, Bill McCallum, Lee Brown, and Larry Bishop, plus two others, whose names we couldn't decypher out on the sign up sheet: Chris and Ken.

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