Trappers Loop Run a lot of Fun!

Saturday, July 9th turned out to be a gorgeous day, the kind of day that begs to have you drive your LBC top down on the twistiest roads you can find as you scream all the way down the hill just as you did when you were a kid on the roller coaster.

That is exactly how many club members spent that great Saturday morning. We met at the Hogle zoo parking lot between 9:00-9:30 AM and departed a little after 9:30. There was a good mixture of cars present including 4 MGA's, 3 TR-6's, 3 Spitfires, a Sunbeam Alpine & a TR-7 spider.

In addition we had a contingent of Korean, German & Japanese cars with a Hyundai, a Mercedes and a Miata present. After a quick jaunt up Emigration canyon where we all played dodge the bicyclists and I had to hear my navigator remind me to "mind the cyclists, Richard"-(British comedy fans, you know what I mean.) we took a scenic drive past East Canyon reservoir and on into Morgan where we made a rest and snack stop that allowed everyone to stretch their legs.

We then made our way up Trappers Loop and took old road 226 over to Snowbasin and headed down to Pineview reservoir. If ever there was a road made for driving our British cars and having a great time doing it, this road is definitely it. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED if you've never had the chance.

We then tooled down Ogden Canyon for a couple of miles to arrive at our lunchtime destination, The Oaks Eatery. There was plenty of parking and we arrived just in time for lunch at about 11:50. The wait was short (about 20 minutes) and they managed to seat us all in 3 groups in shaded outdoor booths. The staff was very gracious, the food was excellent and the company could not have been better. The drive was uneventful,( except for a small battery problem as we left The Oaks and I must admit Bob, that was the first time that I have ever seen the hand crank used on an MGA, and after seeing it, I think the electric starter is useless. You made it look VERY simple!) I think that everyone had a wonderful time and judging by the comments, many would like to do it again soon!!!!

Attending and representing Triumph were Larry & Maggie Farrington, Marty Van Nood & Michael Scoggins in their TR-6s. Mike & Becky Chambers, Mitch &Diane Johnson, and Jake Perry in their Spitfires and Rich Goodman in his TR-7. Representing the MG camp were Clayton & Sharon Merchant, Bob & Valerie Lux, Steve Nelson & his grandson Aldan and John Progess all in MGA's. And representing Sunbeam were Roger & Jill Davis in their Alpine. Also attending and runnin' what they brung were Don & Julie McEligot, Andrew & Jenny Frink and Paul & Liz Jarech.

Thanks to all for your support and camaraderie!

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.