State Street Cruise and Dairy Queen Extravaganza September 17

One again the BMCU cruised in broad daylight (twilight, actually) down the State Street No Crusin' Zone, right under the nose of His Honor Rocky the Flying Mayor. There was plenty of space to rendezvous at the State Capitol northeast parking lot, and over a dozen cars appeared (plus one gathered along the way). After alerting Ben Chou of the number of seats to reserve at the restaurant, the troop proceeded down State Street in a stately manner, except for detouring around an ugly accident at Eighth South St. Once back on the planned route the trip was uneventful, except for the usual shouts of "I once owned one of those" from passing cars, followed closely by "Never shoulda sold it".

Turning east at 90th South, we soon arrived at Joe Chou's Dairy Queen, with Joe Himself guiding us into his parking lot for an impromptu car show. A large table was reserved for club members, and even a four legged member was allowed in and treated to an ice cream cone by Joe's daughter Ruby.

The highlight of the evening was Joe's creation of a special cake featuring three national flags: the US and British for obvious reasons, and the Chinese flag, in honor of the recent purchase of MG Rover by Nanjing Automotive and Shanghai Automotive Industry Corporations. Adding to the fun was a raffle of prizes left over from the Alpine Loop raffle, which were awarded to folks who had birthdays closest to randomly picked dates.

Attending were Gary, Sandy and Margaux Lindstrom, Wade Ashby, Marty Van Nood, Larry and Mary Bishop, Mike, Sharon and Scooter Bailey, Michael and Mary Scoggins, Paul Jaroch, Clayton and Sharon Merchant, John and Barbara Progess, Mike and Becky Chambers, Denise and Barry Blackett, Rose Armstrong and Bill Brinn, Jonathan and Susan Hermance, Bob and Dixie Jahnke, and Joe, Ruby and Ben Chou .

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