Memorial Day in Jackson WY

Full story to follow here, and in June newsletter

Attending were: Gary, Sandy and Margaux Lindstrom; Pugs and Diane Pivirotto; Mark and Karen Bradakis; Mike and Susie Cady; John and Barbara Progess; Clayton and Sharon Merchant; Mitch, Diane, Greg and Mike Johnson; Paul, Elizabeth and Wiley Jaroch; Don and Julie McEligot; Mike, Sharon and Scooter Bailey; Rick and Maggie Malsed; Doug and Ilene Wimer; Floyd and Kathy Inman; Mike and Mary Scoggins; Ron and Kathy Jensen; Mike Mostert and Pam; Dawn and Kimberly Owens; Kendall and Connie Dewsnup; Rob, Nan, Natalie and Dana Green; Chris and Karen Perry; Dave Gustafson; Maureen Rash; Jim Revel; Charlie Woodward; Brent Andersen and Craig Weed, and our fearless leaders, Larry and Margaret Farrington. Wishing the group well at the Salt Lake City departure point were Jon Hermance and Bob Jahnke.

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Brent Anderson and friend, and the Lindstroms, idle outside the finest emporium in Woodruff, waiting for the group to be rounded up off various I-80 exits.

Red cars everywhere, on the way up.

A rest stop (we did a lot of that).

Ilene Wimer at the wheel --- oops, it's a right hand drive car, so she's the passenger. But she deals with the cops when they are pulled over.

Lunch in Randolph, outside the town park.

Cattle trying to keep up with Doug's TC.

At the hotel, waiting out the rain on Saturday afternoon.

Rob Green and Pugs Pivirotto at the Cowboy Bar.

Brother Wimer enjoying himself at the Cowboy Bar.

Sister Wimer did, too.

The Jaroch's organized a fun outing to the Bar J Ranch.

The grub was powerful good.

Brent Andersen and Craig Weed watching the show.

The view from the BMCU table.

They played both kinds of music -- country and western.

A rolicking group overlooks the hotel car park, including the Karen Perry, Dave Gustafson, Maureen Rash, Pugs, Mark, and Chris Perry.

Doug and Ilene Wimer's MG TC was awarded the honored parking space.

Ron Jensen and wife arrived in their Jensen Healey, as part of the Austin Healey club delegation.

On Sunday we also did a bit of waiting for the rain to clear.

Rick Malsed, Maggie his traveling companion, and MaGgie did a victory lap to Jackson after their epic 10,000 transcontinental tour last summer.

Scooter Bailey kicks back with some joy juice and an AAA Guide to Wyoming.

Now how does that top go on?!?


On the way home, stopped at the Starr Valley Cheese Company.

Scooter surveyed the countryside from the shotgun lap of the Bailey's Subaru.

Kendall Dewsnup lays hands on the Wimer TC to raise it from a trance.

To see the image a few seconds later, after the BMCU Beautification Committee had done its work, click here .