Utah Highland Games

Several brave BMCU folk braved the elements, despite heavy warning from local television weathermen nay-sayers. We were placed near the parking lot between the two major events in hopes to create a bridge between, and keep things interesting for folks traveling back and forth. We had many nice comments (sorry Gary, no wedding proposals this time) and even had an unscheduled Triumph Motorcycle display added to our group (I think he just liked our parking spaces). We held out till around 2 PM when the sky darkened and raindrops were felt. It was a nice event with lots of kilts and bagpipes to be seen.

In attendance were: Mitch and Shelley Johnson, Steve Nelson, John and Barbara Progess, Clayton Merchant, Michael and Mary Scoggins, Roger Davis, Rob and Mary Foye and Haruo (The Original) Miyagi.

The original seven.

Scoggins' TR6

Nelson's MGA

Progress' MGA Coupe

Davis' Sunbeam

Merchant's MGA

Just relaxing!

Johnson's Spitfire

Foye's TR4

Group shot with Shelley Johnson watching the store