Scary Time at BMCU End of Season Dinner, Saturday October 29

This year's End of Season Dinner took a scary turn when it transmogrified into a Halloween Pot Luck Party at the Pivirottos'. BMCU attendees were re-enforced by other friends of Pugs and Diane, who (the friends, that is) were amply represented.

Seen in the crowd (after all, this was a costume party) were Pugs and Diane (of course), Floyd Inman, Mitch and Diane Johnson, Mark and Karen Bradakis, Gary and Sandy Lindstrom, Paul Ng and family, Rose Armstrong and Bill Brinn, and John Foye.

Costumes ranged from the automotive (e.g., Count and Countess Lucas "Prince and Princess of Darkness", a muffler and a car bra) to the topical (e.g., Scooter Libby), to the traditional (e.g., werewolves), to the down right scary, e.g., a hirsute nurse. Prizes were given in eight categories, picked to honor the winning costumes, e.g., the Ng family won for Most Blatant Adaptation of a Registered Trademark (see sixth photo below). Several of the prizes were inspired by BMCU affinities -- for example, ask Mark Bradakis if the one he got is the best he's ever tasted.

Great food and drink were provided by the hosts and attendees, as well as live music by an impromptu guitar duo. All in all, it was an End of Season Dinner not soon to be forgotten.

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