A Hot Time at GoF West 2005

At our first night's stop in Eureka, NV a chap sauntered up -- from Coventry! He claimed to have worked on the MG production line. This prompted us to open Hyacinth's crypt and show her off!

The Inman rig parked in front of the Jackson House Hotel in Eureka. Look below for a later shot of a soulful party on the veranda, outside the Inmans' suite.

Conveniently located to the right of the Jackson House is a cozy bar where Kathy Inman met an old lost friend tending bar.

Kathy Inman in the Jackson House bridal suite.

The party mentioned above.

Muriel Machovec at the veranda party. Kathy's friend gave her the cap.

The MGs in our convoy at Ellery Lake just outside Yosemite. Next stop was Tioga Pass, over 9900 feet altitude.

Relaxing at the car show, which was held at the residence of the Firestone family, who own the Firestone Winery, and the Firestone Walker Brewery.

The Lindstrom's TD at the car show.

Another TD at the car show. The plaque reads "Survived Fallbrook Fire of 2002 (Gavilan fire). MG pushed out of garage before wild fire destroyed garage and house."

The Inmans' Y-type at the car show.

A general view of the TD area at the car show.

Ditto of the TC's, with the Firestone residence in the background.

There was a terrific showing of pre-war MGs.

Another in the pre-war group.

A 1934 MG PA. Tragically, this car was in a front end collision the next day (no one was hurt, but the front end received serious damage).

A particularly lovely pre-war car.

The MG SA saloon owned by Terry Sanford and Phil Frank. Phil designed the logo for the event (he is a cartoonist whose work runs daily in the San Francisco Chronicle ).

Gene Roth's MG TA.

A general view of the lovely setting for the car show.

Another general view.

Same view continued to the right. Photographer is David Machovec, from a tree.

View to the right.

The queue for the rallye / tour.

Sandy and Gary Lindstrom preparing for the tour.

The Lindstrom TD in front of Mission Santa Ynez in Solvang. Christmas card potential?!?

At the awards dinner.


A third shot.

One last shot, to make sure we got everyone.

David Machovec showing his enthusiasm for placing in the rallye competition.

The Winners Circle on the final morning, with Hyacinth proudly appearing as Post War Variant champ.

A close up of Hyacinth in the Winners Circle.

Gary Lindstrom in Baker, CA. The thermometer in the distance reads 122 degrees.