Fall Colour Tour to Monte Cristo

A very good turnout of BMCU members met on Sunday October 2 at the Kaysville Park and Ride for a run up to Monte Cristo on a cold, windy, wintery day to enjoy the beautiful and varied colors of our mountains. Under the threat of rain, a total of 19 cars departed at 10:00 am (after putting most of the tops up) for our ride to Monte Cristo. We were unable to go through Weber canyon to Trappers Loop due to a wide load that had the entire eastbound traffic stopped. So we proceeded thru Ogden to Ogden canyon and on to Huntsville where we met two more brave souls from Brigham City at the Chevron station on highway 39. The bank weather signs in Ogden indicated a temperature in the mid 40's.

By the time we got to the top of Monte Cristo the temperature had dropped probably into the mid to high 30's. We stopped at the Monte Cristo campground for a bite to eat and warm up at a campfire that some campers were kind enough to share with our group. From there, most people headed back to Huntsville for a late lunch or home to a warm house. It was a great ride with no mechanical problems and the weather did cooperate in that it did not rain.

In attendance were: Bob and Dixie Jahnke, Colin Jahnke and Jessica, Roger Dotson and Jamie Monroe, John and Barbara Progess, Paul and Liz Jaroch, Rob and Mary Foye, Marilyn and Kimmer Downing, Dan Forster, Mike and Sharon Bailey, Paul and Sara Ng, Clayton and Sharon Merchant, Michael and Mary Scoggins, Larry and Margaret Farrington, Patrich Gleason, Mike and Julie Schoonmaker, Jeff and Lyda Anderson, Craig and Brenton Welk, Roger and Jill Davis, and Mark and Karen Bradakis. Sorry if I missed anyone or misspelled their names; it was so cold people had a difficult time signing legibly . It was obvious by the attendance and the weather that a lot of people don't need much of an excuse to drive their LBC's. It was a great way to end our driving season and we all look forward to next year!

--John Progess

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