DeWayne Ashmead Collection Overwhelming

A large turn out of BMCUers were given a real treat on April 9th when the club was given a personally guided tour of the Ashmead Sports Car collection by DeWayne himself.

The collection comprises over 50 cars in three categories: show cars, drivers, and “wannabes” — those waiting their turn for DeWayne’s expert staff of 3 to restore to one of the first categories.

Of special interest to club members were his nearly new MG TC, and a marvelous Allard race car (see photos below)..

Attending were Gary Lindstrom, Doug Wimer, Floyd Inman, Richard T. Reeder, Barry and Denise Blackett, Brent Anderson, Craig Weed, Steven G. Nelson, David Marks, Larry Farrington, Owen Griesemer, Brian Bacigalupo, Mary and Larry Bishop, Craig Welk, Richard Moklovsky, Ronald Harris, Dan Mullins, Pugs Pivirotto, Merritt Sedgwick, Northrop Grumman, Scott Greenland, Paul and Elizabeth Jaroch, Doug Barneck, Jim Stringfellow, Mike and Sally Pennington, Mike Mostert, Jeff Porter, Gregg Smith, Michael Scoggins, Andrew Frink, Mitch and Greg Johnson, J. and Kay Jennings, John Progess, and from Meadowbrook Restorations: DeWayne Ashmead and Dave Arnold.

Click on any of the photos below to see a larger version.